J.D. Lakey
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About J.D.Lakey


J.D. Lakey is an author, a mystic, and a philosopher. She ventured out of the world of essays and short stories with her first novel 'Black Bead' in 2011, later expanding it into a five-book series. Her writing is influenced by the thousands of sci-fi/fantasy books from some of the best authors out there that she has read, including Ender's Game, books by C.J. Cherryh, Ursula Le Guin, Anne Bishop, and Patricia Mckillop. She likes to think she stands on the shoulders of giants. 

Born and raised on a ranch nestled amonst the buttes and rolling foothills of Montana, she brings that sense of wide open spaces and infinite silence into her writing. Currently settled in San Diego, she writes, blogs and gives shamanic advice to those wishing to hear it.


"The world Lakey paints is terrifyingly beautiful"

— Carly Courtney, SciFiAddicts.com