The Spirals of Time


'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ' - George Santayana,

This quote has been repeated often in one form or another. The thought is a grossly simplified condensation of the truth. Time is not linear nor one-dimensional. History is a river that runs in a spiral through pan-dimensional space-time. It beats itself against the limits set by the universe, forming whirlpools and eddies and yes, even rapids that can suck you under if you are not awake.

The movie Groundhog Day is probably the best representation of how humans, as a group, deal with history. Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, wakes up every morning at 6:30 and relives the same day over and over again. This is how humans, three dimensional beings, see the 4th dimension: from head on so that the spiral seems circular and the shift of the screws that bring us closer and closer to our true nature is sensed more than perceived.

In the movie, only Phil Connors is aware of the repetition of days, a fact that drives him mad at first but then it becomes an asset as he tries to break the cycle. In the human world, everyone is aware, on one level or another, that the opportunities presented by the flow of time, if not acted upon, will come around again and again and that if we make mistakes its OK because we will get a second chance and a third chance and even a 20th or 100th chance to get things right. This is as true for an individual as it is for a species. Each human life is a rivulet in the greater river of human existence. What happens in our everyday life is mirrored in the events of our hive. As above, so below as us witches say.

There is even a remedial version of the history lesson, in which the choices we must make go from subtle, like choosing between pink and pinker, to the clown-college version complete with cream pies to the face where the choices are painfully obvious like choosing between survival of the species versus extinction. The longer we resist the lessons and the longer we avoid the changes the world demands of us, the crazier the clowns become. Think of it as a play produced by the human hive mind. Somebody had to take the role of Julius Cesar or Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan and make it their own. The play must go on, after all. Not everyone can be Rick Grimmes in the Walking Dead. In that show, there are a whole lot of bit parts and most of them are zombies. Imagine being stuck playing a zombie for most of eternity. Gah!

When it seems that you are drowning in clowns and cream pies, it is good to remind yourself that this is the lesson. That we have clung far too long to a system or a belief that no longer serves a purpose. As a species we remember this lesson every time it presents itself and we are like Phil Connors, desperate to try something, anything, to get ourselves out of the rut.

For example, it has been said that all those people who supported Hitler, the ones who were just following orders, the ones who herded the outcasts into the ovens, the ones who stood silent as the Jews were singled out, tortured, and then taken away, these people have been reincarnated so that they may get their second chance. These are the people who resist the clown parade the strongest. These are the ones who refuse to be silent. These are the ones who carry the signs that say “Question Everything”. I do not know if this is true. Reincarnation is a problematic philosophy. If this belief helps you deal with the change, then embrace it. Or believe in racial memory. Or the passing on of family lessons through DNA.

But again, these concepts are far too simplistic. The lesson we are trying to learn right now is far more subtle. The Hitler clown was just preparing us for a different kind of lesson. Not the lesson that forces us to speak up against tyranny. We’ve been there, done that, and even have a t-shirt. Which is why most of us find the Donald Trump clown so incredibly boring.

This lesson is the one that has been playing out since the dawn of human history. It is the other side of the coin that is the holocaust. It is the lesson of boxes. There will always be someone who wants to put us in a box or a cage or build a wall that keeps us out or in. There will always be those who want us to wear veils or masks or chains. Humans have a history of being led to our deaths willingly, knowingly, our brains confused by lies and obfuscations. But the history of humanity is also the history of us climbing over walls and opening the doors of cages and breaking out of boxes. The boxes were real, tangible things for a while but now they are ideas that bind our minds just as surely as if we were locked in chains.

The Divine Feminine is tired of boxes. She has been locked inside one far too long. Box. Tomb. Cell. Call it what you want. She was been hunted to the brink of extinction and bound with chains made of fear and hate. This was a good thing dressed up in bad clothing. People forgot her. Forgot to guard the doors and maintain the walls that kept her bound. Now she is free. Like all women, She doesn’t want equality. She wants autonomy. Not just for Herself. Not just for women. For everyone.

Doomed are the fools that wants to force Her back inside a box.

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