The Black Bead Chronicles --- Reincarnated!


When I wrote Black Bead and published it the first time it was like watching your child leave home for the last time. So many emotions. Proud of what I had created. Sad that the experience was over. Amazed that I could do it at all, being a die­hard short story writer. Relieved that my muse would just shut up and go away, for god's sake. (She is a pushy bitch.) Then I wrote Bhotta's Tears and Spider Wars and Trade Fair and I wanted to turn around and change my first baby a little bit because things mentioned in passing in Black Bead became key plot points in Trade Fair and the fifth book, Dunauken. Once we decided to re­print Black Bead as a revised second edition, I started adding all those things everyone had requested. Maps. Glossary. Character lists and associations. Artwork of Blackwind Pack. A little more explanation. (Yes, yes, a novel is not a short story. I get it.)

In truth, it was just another chance to go play, making something good better. I still read Black Bead and smile. It never gets old. Enjoy.