Book 5 is out, will there be a 6?

The fifth book in the series just went on sale last week, and I had a blast answering questions at my virtual book launch on Facebook. A few reviews are trickling in, and I'm thrilled that they are all 5-star. Thank you, my loyal readers! And to answer one fan's question: yes, there will be a book 6! Here's a quick summary of all the books in the series in case you are thinking of starting the books.

The Black Bead Chronicles is not what it seems on first glance. Book one --Black Bead -- starts out simple enough: it's a short novella, a little adventure story. The main character is just trying to find herself. Like everyone else she assumes that there are limits to her human life and, like everyone else, she will find those limits by stubbing her toe on them as she makes mistakes. Cheobawn goes out on her first foray with her friends and discovers that she has no limits except those she chooses to create for herself. "All I want is an ordinary life," she insists, though in the Black Bead world, "ordinary" is a child who can listen to the quantum universe and hear the future.


In book two -- Bhotta's Tears -- that telling moment in book one when she reels in her own gifts and draws a line that she decides she decides she should not cross - this moment has had long term repercussions. She is still learning that her skills are not like anyone else's. There are powerful psychics out there in the Deep Dark and some of them are in the employ of the Central Planets. In the midst of her journey of self discovery, the Spacers come hunting her. She must convinced the soldiers to go home and leave her homeland and the people of the domes in peace.


Spider Wars, book three, is set in the darkest part of winter and turns the focus inward, and we get to discover the daily lives of the dome people. The Spiders have taken her gift of the bloodstone and turned it into an invitation to bombard the northern wastes with their eggs. Cheobawn gets bitten by a psychic spider and discovers the dark secrets of her Elders. The uneasy peace between Spider and Human is threatened. Secrets can not stay hidden for long under the prying mind of a small psychic child and change can only follow.


Book four -- Storm Child -- pits Cheobawn against all those who would judge her because they do not understand her skills. The list of her enemies and her allies surprise her and everything she thought to be true has become suspect. She sets events in motion that span not just the Highreaches but expand to include the Lowlands and all the Spacer worlds. She decides to let her fate take her where it will, sacrificing everything she loves.


Arrow's Flight -- book five -- is a sleepy water journey of discovery on Sam's schooner. The Lowlands unfurl under her questing mind like the petals of a flower. Spider and Eater of Worlds become her unlikely allies. A Spacer captain and a Margai mind-reader become her friends. Meanwhile, Blackwind Pack trails behind her, days away, as she falls deeper and deeper into danger. Tam can do nothing to save her but pray that they get there in time.


Book Six of the Black Bead Chronicles will have to take the lives of River, Weasel, Willa, Sam, Kirr, Kander, Doreeth, Dominic, the Scerrons and the Royal family and weave the threads into a cord that ties around the lives of Blackwind Pack. Just how this story will unfold is still sorting itself in my mind.


In the meantime, I'm writing a new novel based in an entirely new world and am in the midst of intensive world-building. I've also just compiled an anthology of short stories, now available to preorder on Amazon. But I promise I'll get to book six next year.  Thanks again for coming on this journey, and as always, please leave a review if you enjoy the books. Book one is almost at fifty reviews, the magic number! Just eight reviews to go and I can apply for that coveted Bookbub feature ;)