Book 4 available for Pre-Order!


Exciting news my dear readers! The fourth book of The Black Bead Chronicles is finished, edited, shined, and polished -- and ready to pre-order on Amazon! It officially launches on June 20th, just in time for your summer reading. The new title is "Storm Child" (previously Trade Fair, the name of the annual gathering of the dome clans). You can pre-order it on Amazon for Kindle here.

In this fourth book in the series, the Windfall dome is frantically preparing for the yearly trade fair, a once-yearly meeting of all domes, which they are hosting. But hunters are stalking from the sky, and an unexpected tragedy strikes. In this story, Cheobawn must make a terrible decision and be stronger than she's ever had to be. This is the story that sets her on her course of independence as she fully comes into her power.

I am accepting beta readers and can send you the ARC early if you can promise a review on Amazon or Goodreads on June 20th. Send me a message if you're interested!

Giveaways coming soon, as well as a Con in SoCal and a book signing or two...stay tuned!

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