Black Bead has Achieved Bestseller Status!


On January 11, 2016, I released Black Bead: Book One of the Black Bead Chronicles exclusively on Amazon. This second edition of my book - which was originally published several years ago - is the first in a five-book series that I'm publishing independently under the publishing imprint Wayword Press. After years of writing, editing, and re-writing this book, I'm proud to say that Black Bead has risen to bestseller status on Amazon in the category Science Fiction/Colonization! So THANK YOU to the many readers around the world who downloaded my book. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you drop me a line with your feedback. Or even better.... review it on Amazon!


The ability for an author to publish a book independently is one that has only been available in the last few years with the advent of CreateSpace (print on demand) and Kindle Direct Publishing (e-books), among others. But publishing your opus doesn't mean you will actually sell it. That's one of the big services that traditional publishers do for their authors - marketing, publicity, and sales. So as an author AND publisher, I am learning how to get my book in front of readers. And with over 200,000+ self-published books hitting the virtual shelves per year, that's no small task.

That's why I want to also say THANK YOU to sites like FreeBooksy, DigitalBookToday, TheKindleBookReview, BookGoodies, AwesomeGang, and ReadCheaply. These sites feature free and reduced-priced e-books daily, along with reviews and author spotlights. By listing on these sites, I saw downloads of my book go from a few a day to over 2,000 in one day!

And once your book actually starts getting clicks, it rises in the rankings and readers can find it more easily - much like Google search results. If you search for a sci-fi book on Amazon, chances are you will only look at the first page of results. Getting on that first page is the goal as an independent author. Once readers actually have the chance to find your little pearl of a book in the sea of options, you actually have a fighting chance to build a reader base and - just maybe, with lots of luck and hard work - to eke out a tiny living doing what you love.