Black Bead Book 6 in Progress!


SPOILER ALERT! You would think that after five Black Bead books things would get easier. You would think that as the author I would have complete control of my characters. Ha! I have created a landscape full of people who have definite ideas about where they want their story to go. Stubborn, they are. Star Hunter, Book Six of the Black Bead Chronicles (this is a working title), takes its name from what the carrion dragons call Cheobawn at the end of book five, Arrow's Flight, after she destroys the Spacer's containment box, taking out the cargo hold of the star cruiser along with it. The book begins the very next day. We are about to find out just how much trouble Cheobawn can get into with the ability to walk around the corners of space-time.


Tam foreshadows what the new  book is about when he declares he is tired of lying, tired of pretending to be something he is not, tired of covering up his true self with disguises. What is Tam? He is a warrior born of a civilization made up wholly of other warriors.

Cheobawn is horrified. She has spent her life hiding the truth about herself. All her interactions with the Coven and the Lowlanders has been confrontational. She would much rather be a pirate. So they steal a boat. . . .

It is a journey that only Blackwind Pack can make and still survive. You will get to meet Spider again, along with the Psi-Ops team of Kirr and Kandor, plus new characters only hinted at in book four and five. And of course there is a monster in the deep. It is a pirate adventure after all.

How will it turn out? Wait and see. I am. I have given up control. As with all my stories, the book wants to write itself.