Giveaway & Launch Party for Taurok's Vengeance

My new book is coming out and I want to celebrate with a multi-book giveaway and launch party!



Taurok, the last of his people, is ready to die. After his home planet and everyone he loved was destroyed by an usurping army, he pledged his life to fight them until his last breath. Now, the lone survivor of the final battle, he finds himself clinging to life in the ruins of a once-great city. He says his final prayers and prepares to join his brother beyond the veil, when he stumbles upon another survivor, mortally wounded just as he is. But once he finds out who she is, hope fills his heart. She is the last queen of the Red Eyrie. Maybe — if he can keep her alive — he’ll get his vengeance after all.

Taurok’s Vengeance kept me on the edge of my seat, rooting for the underdog as they faced impossible odds. The author paints a vivid universe and has crafted characters with depth and feeling. I especially loved the connection between Taurok and Red Moon. Who wouldn’t want a sworn protector like him? 
— Luna Cortijo, author
J.D. LakeyComment